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CNC 5d milling

A 5-axis CNC milling machine – great opportunities

We deal with making professional models of MDF, wood, HDF and plastics, mainly for composite processing industry. We have an in-house design and production infrastructure used together with professional Solidworks and Edgecam software. We can use documentation supplied or are able to develop it from scratch by collaborating with the Customer. By using a high-tech 5-axis CNC milling machine we can make almost any workpiece with a dimension precision of even up to 1 hundredth of a mm. The use of the 5-axis CNC machine provides unlimited opportunities to select shapes and workpiece dimensions. The term “5-axis” specifies the number of directions the cutters can move in. It means that it is possible to machine five sides of a workpiece in one step (without repositioning). A rigid and quick milling machine features high versatility making it possible to use it to machine wood, MDF, HDF, styrofoam, extruded polystyrene, various plastics and even aluminium.

Precise and professional machining with a large-size milling machine

A large-size milling machine, as its name suggests, is designed for making large-size models, but it can be also used to make small-size models. It effectively machines aluminium, wood, resin and composite materials. High-tech milling machines are necessary to provide professional machining. They allow for precise machining that covers even the tiniest details of various workpieces. We operate large-size milling machines, which allows us to provide you with precise and good machining quality. We make a wide range of large-size models, moulds and plugs thanks to our professional range of tools. Our vast knowledge and extended expertise help us to properly perform our duties. We have been providing our customers with top-quality services for many years, thus constantly increasing their number. Each customer is approached individually to make them fully satisfied with our services.