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Building GRP moulds

GRP (glass reinforced plastic) – high-quality material
Polyester laminate is a composite type manufactured as a combination of at least 2 materials featuring different process, physical and mechanical properties. Combining at least two materials provides a high-quality composite with specified properties. GRP laminates are a good solution where specialised materials are required, e.g. when producing gliders, aeroplanes, cars and boats. Laminates feature an extremely strong and lightweight construction, that is why they need good quality materials for production.


Polyester laminates – features
The range of GRP laminate applications is extremely wide. Their high chemical resistance makes them a perfect material to build sanitary installations, in electrical and chemical industry. Polyester laminate features include:

  • high mechanical resistance
  • high resistance to weather factors
  • resistance to direct exposure to chemical substances
  • resistance to soiling

GRP laminates – an advantageous offer
For many years we have been specialising in making various models using composite materials. Composites are used in places where mechanical and chemical resistance combined with low weight are welcome. Their advantages and increasing popularity make the industry more and more interesting for customers on a year-to-year basis.

If you are looking for polyester laminates, please review our offer. If necessary, we can provide advice, build production moulds, and if needed, we can launch a dedicated production using our infrastructure. Each customer is approached individually to provide top-quality services. We have been providing our customers with top-quality services for many years, thus constantly increasing their number. Please take advantage of our offer and do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.