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Building models

We make models and plugs for mould production
One of our company operation aspects is making models for mould production. We have been dealing with composite model-making for many years, which is a very complex production process supported by high precision, experience and vast knowledge of our personnel. Each model is made by using a CNC machine tool, which allows us to provide you with top quality and precision.

Our company deals with making models of MDF, wood, HDF, styrofoam, extruded polystyrene, NECURON type model-making foams and even aluminium. These models are used to create moulds for cast industry and plastic production sector. Industries we target our services at include toilet equipment production, automotive parts, shipbuilding, thermoforming and every application where high precision and quality of plug and mould are required. We have design and production infrastructure, which means that the moulds performed on models supplied by us are fully professional. We can use documentation supplied or are able to develop it from scratch by collaborating with each customer.

Moulds – accuracy and precision
By using a high-tech 5-axis CNC milling machine we can make virtually any workpiece with a dimension precision of up to 1 hundredth of a mm! We specialise in preparing models for producing composite materials, mainly GRP. If necessary, we can provide advice, build production moulds, and if needed, we can launch a dedicated production using our infrastructure.

Cast models, cores and moulds – take advantage of our offer!
If you are looking for a company dealing with model-making of cores and moulds, this is the right place. We have been providing our customers with top-quality services for many years, thus constantly increasing their number. Each customer is approached individually to make them fully satisfied with our services.

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