CNC 5d milling and cutting – services, models, moulds, GRP

The company E4C provides the services of CNC machining using a high-tech CNC machine tool. We mill in 3, 4 and 5 axis, therefore we can machine any 3D figures. We specialise in such materials as MDF, HDF, styrofoam, extruded polystyrene, model-making foams and plastics.

Our services are targeted at broadly defined plastic processing companies, the manufacturers of toilet pans, bathtubs, shower trays, washbasins, automotive parts, boat builders, thermoforming and any production companies that use composite moulds made by using a high-quality pre-production model, a plug.

We also execute custom and individual orders, e.g. in-house designed furniture, components of public building architecture, company logo-marked office desktops, custom-designed fascade components or interior finishing, etc.

A 5-axis CNC milling machine with a high working range allows us to make any size workpieces by fully reproducing 3D documentation.  We have an in-house 3D design infrastructure. We are pleased to provide advice to companies that have just started their work with composites. Please do not hesitate to contact us! We speak English.


CNC milling machine – “a chisel of the 21st century”

What is a milling machine? - For those unacquainted, this is a sort of a power sculptor that once properly programmed can reproduce any 3D designed shape. Each machine tool potentials depend on the number of axes the spindle rotates in and on the size of its table. A 3D milling machine is the one that moves spindle in 3 planes, x, y and z. Working in 3D makes it possible to reproduce simple figure workpieces with side walls at least with a minimum inclination and cutting in 2D. More complex 3D workpieces with details to be made on their side walls, and their side walls right-angled or negatively inclined need a 5-axis machine tool. i.e. the one with a spindle rotating in 5 planes. And this is the machine tool we work on. A large working area allows us to make a model of virtually any size while maintaining high reproduction precision for 3D designed dimensions.


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45A Myszkowska Street, 42-310 Żarki,
voivodeship: śląskie, Poland


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Monday - Friday: 800 AM - 400 PM
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Phone: +48 881 001 167


Our offer

Are you looking for a CNC model-making facility? Try our services!
For details please visit the offer section. offer.

Our model-making facility offer includes:

  • providing a 3D documentation, drawing a model / figure
  • making a model on a 5-axis CNC machine tool (popular materials include MDF, HDF, wood, extruded polystyrene, NECURON foams)
  • building moulds of polyester glass laminate
  • manufacturing ready components on a milling machine of such materials as wood, styrofoam, plastics
  • final processing of composite materials
  • trimming excess material, cutting holes
  • building production lines
  • designing process solutions for composite production

 We offer top-quality services! 

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